Useful tips for your alabaster skin

Posted by in Skin care, on 1. March 2015

Majority of women uses all those skin detergents, tonics, lotions, moisturizing creams, day creams, night creams and so on. There is a question – why these women undergo such procedures and daily routines? The answer is obvious: they fight against the sign of aging and they want to retain their skin fresh and clean. On the other hand, these consumers should pay attention to the composition of skin products as it can present risk for their health. They ought to be aware of they are using to be beautiful.


In spite of their effort to make their skin beautiful and young they can harm their health and beauty as well. According to the statistics each ordinary woman puts up to twelve commodities of a skin care per day and these are full of harmful chemical preservatives. And there is said that the women’s health is a real reflection of the women’s beauty. And what we can see on her face is an image of her mental and physical health. For these reason one is not able to gain a look of a healthy and nice skin when his or her inner state is not in balance. And if you put toxic substances into your body there is obvious that your skin cannot be clean and clear as you can hear in the advert.

However, it does not mean that women should give up their effort how to stay fresh and clean and how to fight against radiation, environmental pollutants, or drying out effect of their environment. There are some useful tips how to use healthy skin care products:

1. First of all you ought to be aware of composition of the skin products you are used to using. When you use only natural products you will avoid many problematic constituents.

2. Use the cosmetics which contain Dermal Surface Renewal Technology. This type of technology rubs your laugh lines, crow’s feet, or dullness smooth.

3. Another important tip is to use cosmetics which are high in regenisomes. These enter the skin in order to hurry renewal after the sun explains. Be aware to the light of photosomes for undoing sun damage and also ultrasomes in order to regenerate your skin in the meantime of sleeping.

4. Great skin care products consist of Proteo-C and Proflavonol-T. Proteo-C and Proflavonol-T are vitamins that help the skin to fights against the aging degenerative changes that are caused by the sun, air pollution, or environmental pollution. These two vitamins also support nutrition to your skin in order that it stays smooth and firm.

5. The other essential tip is to use skin care cosmetic which is free from paraben. What are parabens? These are synthetic chemic preservatives which are usually used in such body care products, for example conditioners, shampoos, make-up, hair styling cosmetic and surprisingly in body care for very little children. You can find parabens in a lot of foods or pharmaceutical goods. Scientists discovered them in benign or malignant human breast tumors. Some of scientists believe in their toxicity and warn against using them in food, cosmetics, and other body care products. Therefore it would be better not to eliminate them as much as possible.

6. The best way how to hydrate your skin is to drink a lot of fresh water. This is useful four your skin and hair as well. At the same time toxins are flooding out of your body.

7. Last but not least have an even temper. When your body and soul will be in balance your skin rewards for it.

Try to keep the rules above and look forward to your alabaster skin.